The ThermoDent Experience


Virtually Unbreakable

ThermoDent is made up from a Polyamide Microcrystalline that is the basis of its strength. This gives the end product the flexibility needed to engage even the deepest undercuts without allowing it to overflex while chewing.


Low Allergy Risk

ThermoDent ThermoPlastics is ideally suited for patients unwillingly or unable to accept materials that could result in allergic reactions. Being free of chemicals, such as monomer, allows for a more comfortable and safer denture for the end user.


Zero Volume Shrinkage

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Color Stability

ThermoDent uses color integration technology to infuse its ThermoPlastics during the mixing process. This allows for a more even consistent color with no random color flares throughout the process. It's also so dense that water won't penetrate the material turning it brown like most nylons will.

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